1. How is a neuropsychological assessment different from a psychoeducational or psychological assessment?
    • A neuropsychological evaluation is a more comprehensive assessment of your child’s abilities than a psychological or psychoeducational assessment.
    • Schools typically perform psychoeducational assessments and only evaluate a child’s intelligence and academic skills.
    • Psychological assessments typically evaluate for psychiatric conditions, like anxiety and depression, as well as more common neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD.
    • In contrast, neuropsychological evaluations assess all areas of brain functioning, including intelligence, academic skills, language, memory, attention, executive functioning, visual-motor skills, social skills, personality, and emotional, social and behavioral functioning.
    • This comprehensive evaluation provides diagnostic clarification and helps reveal the underlying neurological processes present behind symptoms, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and pertinent intervention recommendations for home and school.
  2. What other types of assessment are offered?
    • For patients who do not require a full neuropsychological assessment, Dr. Grahovec offers ADHD evaluations, Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluations, psychological evaluations, psychoeducational/learning disorder evaluations, intellectual disability evaluations, and giftedness evaluations.
  3. Do you offer forensic evaluations?
    • No, Dr. Grahovec is not trained to provide forensic evaluations.
  4. Do you offer psychotherapy?
    • No, but as part of the recommendation process after completing an evaluation, Dr. Grahovec will refer to a therapist, if warranted, whom she believes may be a good fit for you/your child.
  5. Do you offer consultation services?
    • Yes, this service is billed at $200 per hour.
  6. What types of patients does Dr. Grahovec evaluate?
    • Dr. Grahovec sees children beginning at 3 years of age, as well as adolescents and young adults (up through college).
    • Dr. Grahovec has experience evaluating individuals with a wide variety of developmental, neurological, and/or acquired conditions. These include conditions such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Concussion, Epilepsy, Genetic Disorders, Giftedness, Learning Disorders, Spina Bifida, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.
  7. What should I tell my child about the purpose and nature of the evaluation?
    • On the morning of the first testing session, Dr. Grahovec will discuss the procedures and expectations with your child. However, it is helpful to prepare your child in advance using age-appropriate language.
    • Dr. Grahovec recommends informing children that they will be working one-on-one with a doctor doing various activities to learn what their strengths are and how to best help them succeed. Many of these activities will be completed on an iPad and laptop while others will be done with paper and pencil.
    • It is helpful to inform children that some activities will be fun while others may be boring or difficult. The most important thing is for children try their best and not worry about getting answers right or wrong.
    • It is also important to ease your child’s fears by letting him or her know that Dr. Grahovec is not a medical doctor, so your child will not have to undergo any painful or invasive testing, like shots.
  8. What do I need to do to prepare myself and my child for testing?
    • The night before the evaluation, make sure your child gets a full night of sleep. Being well rested is essential to your child giving his or her best performance!
    • The morning of the evaluation, feed your child a nutritional breakfast and give your child his or her typical daily medications, unless instructed otherwise by Dr. Grahovec.
    • Complete the parent rating forms given to you at the initial intake session.
  9. What do I need to bring to the testing sessions?
    • Your child’s glasses, hearing aids, wheelchair, or other assistive devices, if applicable.
    • A drink and snack for your child.
    • Any medication your child may require throughout the day (e.g. EpiPen, ADHD medication).
  10. Who can bring my child to the testing sessions?
    • A parent/legal guardian is required to accompany all minors to each testing session, unless other arrangements are made in advance with Dr. Grahovec at the time of the intake session.
  11. My child has his driver’s license. Can he drive himself to the testing sessions?
    • If your child is 18 years of age or older, they may attend testing sessions alone. Minors, even with a driver’s license, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  12. What do parents do during the testing sessions? Can parents drop their children off and leave the office?
    • For safety and liability reasons, Dr. Grahovec may require a parent to remain in the lobby of the office for the entire testing session. This will be discussed further at the intake session.
    • Because each testing session can last up to one full day (8:30 am – 4:00 pm), parents are encouraged to bring work or something to keep them entertained. The building is equipped with Wifi for your convenience.
  13. Do you accept insurance?
    • Dr. Grahovec is an in-network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans, Aetna and Cigna, and an out-of-network provider with TRICARE. If you have other insurance plans, Dr. Grahovec can submit claims to your insurance company on your behalf. Regardless of your insurance carrier, reimbursement is not guaranteed and the rate of reimbursement varies by your insurance company and policy.
  14. What is the cost of the evaluation for self-pay clients?
    • The cost of the 60 minute intake is $200.
    • The cost of the evaluation varies based on the age of your child and the amount of testing required. The cost typically ranges from $1500 – $2500. Please contact Dr. Grahovec directly for current pricing.
    • The feedback session is $200.
  15. What if I have additional questions or concerns after the feedback is completed?
    • If requested, Dr. Grahovec offers a complimentary phone session up to 15 minutes long after feedback is completed.
    • If additional phone time or another face-to-face session is required, Dr. Grahovec bills at her standard consultation rate of $200 per hour.
  16. What types of payment are accepted?
    • Payment is accepted via cash, check or credit card, including HSA cards.
  17. When is payment due?
    • Payment for the intake and feedback sessions is due at the time of the appointment.
    • Payment for testing can be split into two equal transactions for your convenience. The first half of the payment is due on the first day of testing and the second half of the payment is due at the feedback session. Other payment plans can also be arranged with Dr. Grahovec.